1. Where do you get your bones & animal remains from? 

  Finding these animal remains in nature while either on hikes or walking on nature trails is one of my main sources. Even recycling road kill specimens, who's life was unfortunately taken away in a violent matter, I feel is one of the best ways to give the animal respect and give its life meaning since it was taken away so quickly. All remains I find are death by nature or natural death. Nothing is purposely killed, hunted, or harmed for my work. For other specimens, I have done intense research over the years to find sources and suppliers that meet my expectations and standards as far as being free of animal cruelty.  


2. Who is your supplier? (animal remain & jewelry supply)

I do not give out any of my resources. I have spent hours researching throughout the years finding products I like the best. I do not simply give away my secrets.

I do not give out any suppliers I may have for animal remains. Most remains I find myself, but for the few resources that I do have, I have done some picky research in finding the suppliers that I approve of.

I have done all the research by myself without help from anyone. I will not give out my secrets to make it easier for someone. Learn for yourself and do your own research.


 3. Can you do a tutorial on how you make your jewelry?

Sorry, but no. I will not give tips or tricks on how to make jewelry. My mom taught me how to make jewelry when I was very young. Since then, I have taught myself further and worked hard at creating pieces that I am happy with. To be quite honest, I just don't have the time to do tutorials.


4. How do you clean bone?

Bone cleaning is a tedious and rather difficult process. It is smelly, gross, and you have to be VERY careful of contamination, disease, and other bacteria. This is something I do myself, but I do not provide any teaching services about the process. There are plenty of articles online that you can do some further research on if you desire.


5. Is what you do legal?

Absolutely! I do not obtain any illegal or protected animal remains. There are many helpful sites online that list protected and prohibited species. Most of which depends on where you are located. For the United States, one important law to be aware of is the MBTA (Migratory Bird Treaty Act) Not many people are aware of this law, and if you are not careful you can be sure to face some serious hefty fines and even jail time.