Where do your bones come from?

Some I find and clean myself, others come from friends/family that find them, and most I obtain through suppliers that source them ethically. 


How do you clean bone?

I am a big fan of natural decomposition. Once the bone is pretty picked clean I will soak in warm water, scrub the remaining dirt and skin off. Then eventually soak in a hydrogen peroxide bath to sanitize. I will often spray on a thin layer of Polyurethane to protect the bone.  


Is what you do legal?

Absolutely! I do not obtain any illegal or protected animal remains. There are many helpful sites online that list protected and prohibited species. Most of which depends on where you are located. For the United States, one important law to be aware of is the MBTA (Migratory Bird Treaty Act) Not many people are aware of this law, and if you are not careful you can be sure to face some serious hefty fines and even jail time.