Our Story

When we first met, there was something drawing us to each other. Not exactly knowing what that was, we only became friends. As time went on, our friendship grew and our connection grew stronger. But still, just friends.

More time passed, and with that came major life changes for the both of us. Our previous relationships came to an end. Little did we know, that meant our future was just beginning. It just........happened.

With our previous relationships ended, our relationship soon began. Connecting as friends was one thing, but connecting as partners and lovers resulted in something cosmic. I think we knew it in our hearts all along that we were soulmates, but to finally embrace our passion and potential for each other was life changing in itself. 

One of our passions together is being creative. We both have a love for jewelry, and have been active in creating it for years. Coming together and discovering our style and outlook being so similar, we couldn't help but combine it. 

We often create our own unique pieces that represent our individual skills, but we will often collaborate and combine our works together as well.

Together we are unstoppable. We are a team. Soulmates. Best friends. Forever.