Annie has been drawn to art her entire life. In 2008, she began her unique jewelry design, which grew into a full time online business by 2012. The marketing and networking of this business required her to become a self taught graphic designer and photographer. Those talents and skills were then brought to Ridgewalker Brewing when they opened in 2016. She designed eye-catching advertisements, event posters, flyers, full food menus and more. Annie designed beautiful Ridgewalker necklace styles and soon after used her artistic skills to design event stickers and coloring pages for kids. Her outstanding natural talent in photography is still used to capture the Ridgewalker brand today.


Annie's life changed when COVID hit, just like all of us. After being laid off, the last thing she wanted to do was give up and her creative juices started to flow immediately. She began by using her amazing graphic design skills. “I'll photoshop your face on anything,” she'd say. So she did, but it was short lived, and she went back to jewelry design. Annie started painting signs with funny phrases on them, flowers on large animal skulls and then one day she looked in her glass recycling bin and thought, “Maybe I could paint a bottle?” That's where her next artistic journey really began. She painted bottle after bottle until she ran out, but then local friends began to donate their own bottles and jars. Annie developed her own style, and became increasingly more confident, creating beautiful works of art.


Annie still continues to paint on bottles, but she also does canvas and anything else she can get her hands on. Annie displayed her fascinating creations at two local art shows at Bull Run Cider, and has hope of doing more shows in the near future. More of her work is on display and available for purchase at Ridgewalker Brewing. All in all, if the pandemic never happened, neither would Annie's paintings. Proof that anything is possible when you choose not to give up.